Illusion Museum – Turkey

The curiosity about how illusion shows are a topic that attracts everyone’s attention from seven to seventy. Even though we know that a trick is varitic in the show, the excellence in the presentation and the amazing scene that emerges are worth seeing. The idea of an illusion museum, which expresses a project design that will deeply satisfy the curiosity against the illusion, came to life in Zagreb in 2015. The second stop of the museum which attracted great attention was Berlin. Afterwards, the museum opened its doors in Athens, New York and 15 different cities and finally meets the lovers of illusion at Narmanlı Han on İstiklal Street in Istanbul.

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Let us express that the museum opened in Narmanlı Han consists of 3 floors. There are more than 60 activities in the museum that can be visited as a family. What draws the most attention is the materials used in illusion shows. In addition, visitors can get to know and experiment with the tools that provide the illusion show. Infinity Room, Ames Room, Tunnel and Upside Down House are some of the illusion rooms you can try in the museum.

Illusion Museum – Turkey

Istanbul Illusion Museum is not like a classical museum. When you visit a museum, taking pictures or touching the artifacts is the last thing you would desire. This negatively affects the experience of your museum visit. However, you can explore everything in the illusion museum, touch it, experience the illusion rooms and experience a different day in terms of visual and sensory.

Illusion Museum – Turkey

Illusion rooms

The most exciting one of the illusion rooms that will allow you to have fun moments is the tunnel called Vortex. When you decide to enter this tunnel and show courage, you may find yourself turning in a cylindrical structure. Being able to step in the moving cylinder is becoming very difficult and exciting. Oddly enough, you are in a flat room that cannot actually turn. However, the perception of entering the tunnel is cylindrical and evocative that you are in a moving place. The other rooms are as exciting as the tunnel. In the infinity chamber, you can feel like someone resisting gravity.

Illusion Museum – Turkey

There are not only illusion rooms in the museum. There are also articles and collections used during illusion shows. One of them is the hologram collection. These pieces must also be seen. When you discover how misleading the effect of each part on the senses is, your ideas about the brain and perception may change. This is the purpose of the museum anyway. Entertain and teach while learning about the brain.

Çocuklar ve yetişkinler için akıl oyunları odaları

It is aimed to increase children’s cognitive thinking skills with the mind games rooms in the Istanbul Illusion Museum. There are games with different levels of difficulty for both children and adults, both in order to achieve this development and to develop the use of strategic mind. In this room, you can have fun and learn. You can come with your family or with your school or group of friends. However, those who want to go as a group need to make a reservation.

Illusion Museum – Turkey

Gift shop: Smart Store

After having a great experience at the museum, I can guarantee you will still be under the illusion. There is also a store within the museum for those who want it to turn into a memory. There are more than 80 games and souvenirs in the store, where you can buy gifts for the Dilemma Game, wooden puzzles and brain teasers.

Istanbul Illusion Museum Entrance Fees and Visiting Hours

Entrance Fee: Entrance fee for adults is 49 TL. For children, 35 pounds. Students and over 65 people are charged a fee of 35 pounds.

Family members can benefit from the family package and gain an advantageous entry right. The price of the family package is 130 lira. The family package is 2 adults 2 children or 1 adult 3 children.

Visiting Hours: Istanbul Illusion Museum opens its doors to its guests every day of the week. The work starts at 10 o’clock and ends at 22.00 in the evening.

Istanbul Illusion Museum Transportation

Adress: Narmanlı, İstiklal Cd. No:180, 34421 – Beyoğlu / İstanbul

Phone: (0212) 244 06 64

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