Places to Visit in Turkey – Köyceğiz

Koycegiz is the name of the place that has received great appreciation from everyone who did not come. The name is small but as beautiful as it is, the place is idyllic with its history, nature, people. You can experience four seasons in a day. While roasting in the summer sun, you can get wet in a rain. It is the place that receives the most rain after Rize.

History of Köyceğiz

History of Köyceğiz BC It dates back to the Carians who lived here in 3400. Later, Scythians, Assyrians, Ionians, Dorians, Mites, Persians, Hellenes, Seleykos, Romans, Seljuks, Menteşeoğulları and Ottomans lived respectively. B.C. In 2000, when the Greeks and Akarlis reached the Aegean coasts by sea, new colonies were established in the coastal line, and the colonies of the Karians were developed inland. Thus the town center BC. In the 1000’s, it has become quite well located. The city of Kaunos, founded on the channel where Köyceğiz Lake meets the Mediterranean Sea, has become one of the important ports and commercial centers of the Carians. The acropolis (in the ancient Greek city states, usually on a hill, surrounded by walls, inner palace, important buildings and temples in the inner castle.), Famous temples and Harab and Susan castles left important historical monuments.


In the Ottoman period, when Hurşit Pasha was appointed as the Governor of Muğla (Governorship, Sanjak), he moved to Yüksekkum, where he is today (1884). During the War of Independence, the enemy was attacked. At the end of 1919, Tahir Ağa, Mehmet Zeki Osman Ağa and Tevfik Beys, the Kuva-i Milliye Organization was established and included in the defense of the country.

Where does Köyceğiz’s name come from?

As for where the name Köyceğiz comes from: According to legends, Köyceğiz was founded in a plain on the area of the lake. The plain flooded at an unknown time. Those who came to see the catastrophe saw a few houses and people in the eastern part of the lake: “The whole city is sunk and there is only one Köyceğiz on the shore.. Today it is still believed to be a sunken city under the lake.

Today, according to the 2017 data (the most recent data), the population of Köyceğiz is 35.325. Köyceğiz is a tranquil tourist center with its natural beauties and citrus groves on the 60th km of the Muğla-Fethiye Highway, where the Mediterranean and Aegean regions meet. Köyceğiz is located to the north of the Köyceğiz Lake.

Mediterranean climate is seen in the coastal part of Köyceğiz, and continental climate is seen in mountainous regions. Turkey’s Rize ‘after the wettest place Koycegiz’ dir.

How to get to Köyceğiz?

Köyceğiz is reached by following the Muğla-Fethiye highway. Those who descend from Muğla to Gökova continue to Fethiye without leaving Marmaris and after about 30 km, Köyceğiz Lake suddenly appears on your right. Köyceğiz 1 km from the main road, is on the edge of the lake. Transportation by air is provided from Dalaman Airport, 32 km from Köyceğiz.

Sığla Tree

Daily (Sweetgum) trees in Köyceğiz are rare species in the world, grown only in Köyceğiz and Marmaris and found in wetlands. In Köyceğiz, west and east of the city, these forests are under protection. These trees were planted and taken under protection at the Yunus Emre Arboretum, which is on the left side of the road while entering Marmaris by Köyceğiz.

Do you know that oil has been extracted from sweetgum tree? Furthermore, this oil is used in pharmaceutical industry because it is parasitic and curative for stomach diseases. Honduras one of two frankincense oil-producing countries in the world, the other is Turkey.

In short, Köyceğiz is a paradise in paradise as a whole with its history, nature, location, climate and people. It is a great holiday and relaxation center with citrus groves, Olive fields, Daily forests (Sweetgum) forests, unspoiled Köyceğiz Lake, 2 km of green band. In the vicinity of Marmaris and Fethiye, with the opportunity to reach many heaven on earth is a different place Köyceğiz.

Places to go in Köyceğiz

Köyceğiz yer as places to go, there is a beautiful camping and promenade in the city center. This is a spacious place where you can have a picnic with your family daily or take advantage of the municipality’s social space.

Ekincik Bay, which you can reach from Köyceğiz center, is one of the places where you can go both daily and camping and accommodation. It is one of the places I can recommend to you with its calmness and cleanliness of the sea. Ekincik is located approximately 40 Km by road.

Köyceğiz, Yuvarlakçay

For those who suffer from the heat of Köyceğiz, we can say that Round Tea is the best cooling place. It has become a popular destination for everyone who has recently come across social media. You can relax by throwing yourself here from the heat of summer thanks to the restaurants and places built on cold spring water. Koycegiz center in the direction of Fethiye Beyobasi mah. The direction is about 15-20 Km distance.

Another way to get rid of the summer heat of Köyceğiz is Ağla plateau. 12 km away from the center and among the pine trees, is a place integrated with nature. Especially in summer, one of the places you should discover is Ağla Plateau.

How to get to Sultaniye Hot Springs?

Another place in Köyceğiz, which has a history of thousands of years, is called Sultaniye Hot Springs. Indoor and outdoor pools are the social areas where you can stay. With its high mineral value and ideal temperature, the healing water source is visited by tens of thousands of local and foreign tourists throughout the year. In addition to the healing waters in the indoor and outdoor pools, Sultaniye Thermal Baths, which are also attracting attention with their mud baths, are the thermal springs with the highest radio activity in our country. It has a temperature of 39 ° C and is rich in Calcium Chloride, Calcium Sulphate and Radon. You can visit Sultaniye Hot Springs via Hamitköy on the way to Ekincik direction and follow the thermal spring plates.

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