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The typical Italian city of Turin, just one hour from Milan. I never thought I’d love this place so much. I decide that I want to live here with the squares, delicious ice creams, the Po River, the friendly people, Valentino Park, all kinds of pastas in the market, and of course the University of Turin where I attended a short erasmus program.

Turin is the capital of Italy’s Piedmont region, a center of truffle and wine tradition. It is located in the north of Milan. The Po River, which divides the city in two, and the surrounding Alps is one of the most beautiful places to live. Turin is actually a big city but it is very easy to visit because everything is close together. You can easily reach the place you want with the city tram. I changed three houses in two weeksJ) unfortunately I could not find two weeks in the same place when I stayed at the last minute but this was to my advantage both I’ve seen different places and increased the number of new friendsJ) Now I’m the master of where to go now.

Torino Attractions – What’s on, What’s not?
My advice is definitely to stay somewhere near Via Garibaldi, the second advice for the place is… I’m not saying it now because you read me.

Via Garibaldi

Via Garibaldi, a long street with lots of shops, you can find every kind of store you want here, of course what is our motto? back streets. Be sure to enter the back streets there are small little shops full of Italian style. Remember that you will see a market in almost two streets. Usually on clothing but I came across the market where there was only one cheese and handmade pasta. It was like a feast. But the most famous and biggest market is Porto Palazzo. It is open every day of the week until noon and Saturday until evening. The market is divided into two parts, only the street clothes and the other street is only food. On Saturdays, the fish market is also established. When I look at prices like this, it is almost the same as Istanbul. Let’s get back to Via Garibaldi. The end of this street will take you to Piazza Castello right away. This is the meeting point for everyone, the heart of Turin all the way to the CastelloJ) A large square surrounded by the Town Hall, Theater Building every day around 16:00 and a large piano is set in the afternoon. If you take the square to the center, turn left to stay at Via Garibaldi and you will meet a region where the traffic of the ancient Romans is zero. Here’s my favorite area of ​​Turin. No cars, side by side restaurants, stone roads, small bars. I came here almost every day. The atmosphere is very nice. If you leave here and come to our center point Castello, turn right and you will go to Via Roma, the famous and luxurious street of Turin. Arched streets like Bologna, luxury shops all around.

Via Roma

Another famous avenue is Via Po, which is located at the cross of Via Roma (named after the Po River). This road takes you to the big Via Po square with its shops, chocolatiers, bookstores and bookshelves. My Italian friend told me that while walking the right side of this street is for the rich and the left side is for the poor. Isn’t that weird? If you look carefully, the shops are more beautiful on the right. At the end of this street is Piazza Vittorio, which is known as the biggest square in Europe. A huge square surrounded by restaurants around the end of the winter I went was not too crowded, but in the summer the square was full of evenings. At the beginning of the square there is a restaurant called Caffe Vittorio Veneto. Try the aperitivo here. In Italy, aperitivo starts after five in the evening, while the small buffet is accompanied by spritz or wine. You can find it almost everywhere, but this one is really delicious and the food is a bit more varied and different than other places. With drinks you usually pay 10 EUR as much as you want. :))) The end of the square brings you to the Po River. The Po River divided the city in two, and around it is the famous Valentino Park. People made beach areas in the park so that they could sunbathe in summer. Valentino Park is a huge park in which there are small kiosks for eating, people running, cycling, lying on the grass and dreaming or staring around. A must-see list. Go walk, sit up, get up for coffee, but surely you should not go to the parks. On the other side of the river, the area where the wealthy of Turin lives, you see the villas and gardens. Here you can climb to the top of Cappuccini and watch Turin. When you look at the hill, you will see two ugly residences that spoil the city’s skyline.

Po River

Here is the second place to stay in the area above the Po River. Even though the prices are a bit high you should stay here, you can go to the bustle of the city after coffee in the morning, walking in the park against the river. I lived like this for a week and enjoyed the mornings in the park and then when I returned to Istanbul after school, I cry.

Also the other place I would recommend you to go is the Cinema Museum (Museo Nazionale del Cinema) which you will see its tower from almost anywhere in the city. It includes director seats, film reels, photographs, archives. You can enjoy the view from the upper floor while the lower floor tells the world of cinema. You can visit the museum in three ways. Museum + elevator, just museum or just elevator. But the thing to watch out for is that there are usually long queues in front of it, so you should go early. Other than that there is a car museum outside the city a little bit ma I could not go to them.

Food & Drink in Turin
At the same time, in winter, you should go to Turin, skiing and skiing to Switzerland. In the next article, I hope I will tell you J)) While going to Turin, eat famous Gianduiotto (pronounced Concoyotto), a mixture of roasted hazelnuts and cocoa.

In addition, there are plenty of drinks specific to sugary and chocolate, cream over the Biçerin but not everywhere, the main place for Al Biçerin. This place is in the old Roman area, but when I went it was closed, I had to go very early in the morning and it was very queuing. Another is the very old café Cafe Fiorio. Anyway, when you come in, you’il know what I mean. Even the waiters like the British royal palaceJ)) Nevertheless, I didn’t like Harley, so sweet sweet you,

If you want to eat lasagna, I think go to Gerla (1927). Food and pastry part separate, venue very authentic. Eat pesto lasagna here. Looks tiny on the plate, but it doesn’t stop. Either it tastes like something of happiness in the attic. You must go here.

Go to the grocery store, you will be crazy when you see all kinds of pasta in the refrigerator section. They even have black pasta with mushrooms, vegetables, pesto, pistachio or shapes. Take plenty of parmesan and pesto sauce, eat, eat, eat, like me, get weight. Lidl which is also German market is very convenient. I would like to mention that in Turin there are no places like Starbucks, Cafe Nero, only Illy and Lavazza, they don’t want foreign brands. Again, I would like to mention that they do not have filter coffee, they find themselves very American. J) I have Americano but I could not like it. Take your coffee and french press.

Nightlife in Turin
If we come for a night stroll, our Salvadoran San Salvario starts next Thursday with cafes and bars lined up next to Karaköy. There is also a bar called Baby Bottle which makes the oldest rum. Go inside and the inside is nice fun güzel

Torino photos

Transportation in Turin
Let’s get here. There are two train stations in Turin, Porto Nuova and Porta Susa. They both use it for long distance transportation. I’ve always used Porto Nuoava. You have the train to the city you want constantly. There are taxi and tram stops in front of the exit. It is not far from the center anyway. In Turin, there is a bus and tram for local transport. The tramway network is wider. Single ticket valid for 1, 5 euros and 90 minutes. If you want to buy daily 5 Euro, the price of 2-3 day tickets goes up to 10 Euro. If you are staying longer, you can buy a weekly ticket for 12 Euros.

In short, I liked Torino very much. Comfortable, peaceful, more convenient than many other cities, friendly people, helpful, fabulous food, charming city. But as I always say, back streets, unseen places. Just walk each time you will see another beauty

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