Visa-Free Overseas Travel Routes


Ukraine is one of the most popular visa-free travel destinations in recent years. With its historical identity and cultural beauties as well as its unique architecture and the streets reflecting the spirit of the city, Ukraine is fascinated with it.


It is both beautiful in nature and economical and quite close. Here is a country where you can go without a visa or even with a birth certificate: Georgia. Georgia can be highly recommended for those who want to do nature tourism; The capital city of Tbilisi and Batumi is ready to host you for a nice weekend.


Indonesia, which is one of the most popular countries in recent times, is one of the top countries in the list of countries that can travel without a visa. Indonesia, which is one of the most popular routes especially for those considering honeymoon holidays abroad, consists of thousands of islands and volcanoes, especially Bali Island. If you want to get to know a different culture, discover the unique natural beauties and have an amazing sea experience, you should add this Asian country to your list.


Being one of the first countries that come to mind when the Balkans geography is mentioned, Macedonia is one of the most preferred overseas travel routes of the last period due to its proximity to Turkish culture, historical partnership and geographical proximity and being one of the visa-free countries. Macedonia, which is one of the ideal routes even for those who do not have time, can go on weekend; still bears traces from the Ottoman Empire. Starting from the capital Skopje, one of the most beautiful natural wonders of the country, you can continue your journey on the shore of Lake Ohrid and follow the ’from us’.


Among the countries that can travel without a visa, Serbia is one of the most preferred countries by young people; It is one of the routes of youth in Europe. Especially Belgrade, the capital city, is a must-see list with its historical buildings, architecture and vibrant nightlife. Belgrade is a good choice if you want to get close and have a high cost and have a good trip abroad without the hassle of visa.


The Philippines, one of the most beautiful and diverse routes in the world, can be one of the ideal choices for those seeking a different alternative in the list of countries that do not require a visa. The Philippines is still an unspoiled place for those seeking a tropical experience. The Philippines is a country where they can go without hesitation both for those who want to vacation abroad and for those who want to spend the winter cold in a warm climate.


You may have heard a lot about it as negatively, but in our opinion, forget it all and add one courageously to your travel list. Iran, which will fascinate you with the beauty of the historical buildings, will fascinate you with its cultural structure and the hospitality of its people, will keep you alive with all the glory of Eastern culture; it can be a good choice for those looking for a different culture between countries where you can go without a visa.


Here is an ambitious route where you can travel without a visa, and even travel on a weekend break and explore with certain points: Lebanon. With its close proximity and colorful and diverse culture, Lebanon has attracted a lot of tourists lately and has made a reputation for its nightlife and entertainment, especially in its capital, Beirut.

Another point you will admire when you come here is the cuisine and the famous appetizers. Falafel, babagannuş, hummus, tabula and even more appetizers, which cannot be mentioned, can be a great experience for gourmets.


One of the most popular honeymoon routes of recent times. Maldives is a popular choice among the countries that can be traveled without a visa, with its crystal clear sea where you can see thousands of shades of blue and its white beaches and palm islands.

However, you will have to afford a little expensive holiday for the Maldives because the hotel you will be staying on will probably be on an island and this island will be small enough to visit in just 20 minutes. Transportation between the islands is difficult and the extra things to do in hotels are a bit expensive. If the money you spend for your holiday is a bit high, you can experience a dream holiday in the Maldives.


Montenegro is one of the most preferred routes among the Turkish tourists going abroad recently. If you want to visit a historical city, swim in a magnificent sea and get green, this country is for you!

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